The South American Institute for Fundamental Research (SAIFR) is the South American regional center of the ICTP in Trieste. (Ver archivo adjunto.) It is located in Sao Paulo, on the IFT/UNESP campus. SAIFR brings physicists together from all over the world to share their knowledge. In collaboration with world leading experts, SAIFR organizes interdisciplinary schools, workshops and programs on advanced topics for master and doctoral students and researches. 

The list of upcoming schools and events, and more information on how to propose activities, can be found in:


In partnership with Perimeter Institute(PI), IFT/UNESP and SAIFR organize the "Journeys of Theoretical Physics". This is an international week-long school aimed at exceptional undegraduate students in their last year -from all countries in Latin America. Based on the results of two final exams, a few students will be given the chance to be part of a PI/IFT/SAIFR joint (two-year) master program. See http://sictp2.ictp-saifr.org/ for more details. 


Para mas informacion contactar: rporto@ift.unesp.br (Prof. Rafael Porto).   

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