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Acústica Ultrasonora

A Gaia DR2 search for dwarf galaxies towards Fermi-LAT sources: implications for annihilating dark matter. 
Ciuca, Ioana; Kawata, Daisuke; Ando, Shin’ichiro; Calore, Francesca; Read, Justin I.; Mateu, Cecilia
Aceptado para publicación en la revista Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Julio, 2018)
The Galactic Thick Disc density profile traced with RR Lyrae stars.
Mateu, Cecilia; Vivas, A. Katherina
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,Vol. 479,No. 1, 211–227 (2018) 
Fourteen new RR Lyrae stellar streams in the inner Halo. 
Mateu, Cecilia; Read, Justin; Kawata, Daisuke
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,Vol. 474,No. 3, 4112–4129 (2018) 


Ciencias de la Atmósfera

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Física Médica

Upper bound dose values for meson radiation in heavy-ion therapy



Física No Lineal

Entropy-based generating Markov partitions for complex systems

Impact of lag information on network inference

General analytical solutions for DC/AC circuit-network analysis

Interpreting physical flows in networks as a communication system

Dynamical detection of network communities

Successful network inference from time-series data using mutual information rate

Electronically-implemented coupled logistic maps

Approximate solution for frequency synchronization in a finite-size Kuramoto model


Física de Altas Energías


Sistemas Complejos y Física Estadística


Teoría Cuántica de Campos y Relatividad General

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