TBR Locator

Input data:
M: M is required.
Mass of the star in solar masses.
m0: m0 is required.
Mass of test planet in solar masses.
m1: m1 is required.
Mass of planet 1 in solar masses.
m2: m2 is required.
Mass of planet 2 in solar masses.
a1: a1 is required.
Semimajor axis of planet 1 in au.
a2: a2 is required.
Semimajor axis of planet 2 in au.
Input integer constants:
At least one must be negative.
k0: k0 is required.
k1: k1 is required.
k2: k2 is required.

Three Body Resonance locator

This is an application that calculates the semimajor axis a0 in astronomical units of a planet P0 of mass m0 (in solar masses) which is in a TBR with two planets P1 and P2 with masses m1 and m2 in solar masses and semimajor axes a1 and a2 in astronomical units. The system is orbiting around a star with mass M (in solar masses). The resonance is given by 3 integers k0, k1 and k2 that define the resonance
k0*n0 + k1*n1 + k2*n2 = 0
where the n are the mean motions. Obviously, the integers must have different sign otherwise the relationship can not be satisfied. Also, not all possible combinations of the k are allowed (those that give n0<0 do not have physical meaning).

TBR Locator for Android here