A program to BROwse inside MPCorb with Tisserand and Moid determination.

Tabare Gallardo, Facultad de Ciencias, UdelaR, Montevideo, Uruguay

How hard is to select some orbits from the huge MPCORB file!
With this program I rescued from my trash it becomes an easy task. There is an input file "brompctm.ent" we must edit to indicate the limits in the parameters of the bodies we are looking for. There is a plus: the program can estimate and select minor bodies according to the Tisserand parameter and MOID with respect to a planet. It generates 2 output files: one in MPC format and another with more orbital data including T and MOID which is more appropriate to be used with EVORB. Have fun!

Download BROMPCTM (zip file for win and linux)