Gonzalo Tancredi

Departamento de Astronomia

Instituto de Fisica

Facultad de Ciencias

Montevideo, URUGUAY

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I started my astronomical carreer as a Planetarium lecturer, where I learn the few things I know about the myths of the heavens. Meanwhile, I have to fight at the Faculty to find good enough teachers to finish my undergraduate studies. 12 years of dictatorship threw away too many good scientists from the University. Fortunately many came back after the reestablishment of the democracy (e.g. Julio A. Fenrnandez). In 1989 I managed to became the first Licenciate in Astronomy in the last 10 years.
Afterwards I moved to the UppsalaAstronomical Observatory (Sweden).
The cold outside but the warm scientific climate inside the institute let me experience the most valuable and enjoyable scientific experience of my life. Four years of hard work ended with the PhD thesis "Evolution of Jupiter Family Comets".
Returned to my homeland and homeinstitute, I continue my work on minor bodies of the solar system, trying to make the poor explore liason between physical and dynamical studies, theoretical and observational research of these populations of objects.

In the '90s, I got into the fascinating topic of impacts of small bodies into the Earth. I became one of the few scientist in the southern hemisphere working in this topic. I studied several objects which could impact the Earth at some time, I visited and investigated many impact craters and meteorites. Recently, the deflection techniques that could prevent an impact interested me, and we are pursuing some experimental and theoritical work in this subject.

A topic that deserve a special mention is the participation in the downgrading of Pluto as a planet. I promoted and I was on of the co-author of the Resolution of the 2006 Internationa Astronomica Union General Assembly (Prague), where the "Definition of Planet in the Solar System" was adopted, and as a consequence Pluto lost the category of a planet and became a "dwarf planet".
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