Ephemeris Package
This is an N-body ephemeris program. It is a combination of two packages: The basic idea of the package is to take the elements for a given epoch and to compute osculating elements for an epoch in the middle of the ephemeris interval. These elements are then transfered to the two-body ephemeris program to compute the ephemeris. Therefore, if you require a high-precision ephemeris it is suggested to use a short time interval (up to several months), otherwise the osculating elements used in the two body ephemeris will not represent the correct elements at the beginning and end of the interval. In case non-gravitational effects are considered, they are only taken into account in the evolution of osculating elements.

Have a look to a README file with more information on how to download and run the package.

There are compressed tar files with the code and the required data files (try the Save option to download them):

A DOS executable version (eph.exe zipped - 184 KB) is also available. The data files are available separetely in data.zip - 1.3 MB.
Some people has requested a file named  DOSXMSF.EXE  required to run the DOS version.

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