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Observational Techniques

In this page, I will be posting some IRAF cookbooks about basic and advanced CCD reduction techniques and some files with pointers for observing or preparing yourself for your first run in a observatory. Also, you will find some IRAF scripts that I made for reducing CASLEO data, specially for batch processing. Furthermore, a cookbook with an example of how to process spectra under IRAF and to develop a space filter for processing purposes, i.e. a median ring filter or other filters. Some articles will be posted here in time.

  • Spectra Reduction with IRAF with Spatial Median Filter Example
    In this report with go through the spectra reduction process, giving special attention to each step, how to analyze the calibration exposures and to identify the proper settings of all the IRAF tasks involved on the subject. Also, how to identify problems in your images, signed bits, saturation, high noise, and illumination patterns that could be affecting the data. Then, with the spectra calibrated, we pursuit the elaboration of a ring median filter in order to enhance the spectra and to get rid off the noise present in the data. At the end of the report, you will find the code developed for batch processing CCD exposures, not used in this report but in a later run. Also, the ring median filter script used to enhance the spectra. It comes with some set of predefined filters that the user can select and use. (SPANISH)
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  • Instrumental Techniques Final Report
    In this report with go through several projects of this course. It deals with CCD reduction using IRAF, developing a code for performing astrometric measurements, absolute photometry and extinction coefficients, finding the limiting magnitude for a given instrumentation, the light curve of a TNO, among others. (SPANISH)
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''Perhaps the most widespread evil is the Western view of man and nature.
Among us, it is widely believed that man is apart from nature, superior to it;
indeed, evolution is a process to create man and seat him on the apex of the
cosmic pinnacle. He views the earth as a treasury that he can plunder at will.
And, indeed, the behavior of Western people, notably since the advent of the
Industrial Revolution, gives incontrovertible evidence to support this assertion.''
Ian McHarg, 1971

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