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Sebastian Bruzzone
Assitant Professor at the Astronomy Department of the Physics Institute in the Sciences Faculty
Observer at  Los Molinos Astronomical Observatory (844) Secretary of the Uruguayan Astronomical Society
598 2 5258624 ext 303 / Fax: +598 2 5250580
IGUA 4225 Montevideo
CP 1400

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''Perhaps the most widespread evil is the Western view of man and nature.
Among us, it is widely believed that man is apart from nature, superior to it;
indeed, evolution is a process to create man and seat him on the apex of the
cosmic pinnacle. He views the earth as a treasury that he can plunder at will.
And, indeed, the behavior of Western people, notably since the advent of the
Industrial Revolution, gives incontrovertible evidence to support this assertion.''
Ian McHarg, 1971

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