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Sebastian Bruzzone
Research and Theaching Assitant at The University of Western Ontario.
Physics and Astronomy Building Room 134
Meteor Lab phone: +5196612111 ext 87985


Welcome to my personal website

Here you'll find some personal information and also information related to astronomy.
Currently I'm a MSc. student in Meteor Physics at Western Meteor Physics Group
from the University of Western Ontario, London ON, Canada.
I've been doing TA duties for several Physics and Astronomy undergrad courses.
My research focuses on daytime meteor showers using the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR).
I've also participated in several occultation campaigns of Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) with
publised results that you can check at my Publication page
I'm interested in astronomical observations in several wavelengths.
I'm also interested in developing computational models, programs and visualization of astronomical data.
Prior to September 2012 I was working as an observer at Los Molinos Astronomical Observatory (844)
for 6 years along with my Teaching and Research Assistantship at the Astronomy
Department at the Physics Institute at the Faculty of Sciences in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In mid 2012 I was appointed as chair of the Astronomical Observatory at Instituto de Profesores
and I started teaching two courses as a professor at Consejo de Formacion en Eduacion.
Also in 2012, I joined efforts with some colleagues to train students for the
Astronomy Olympics
. The rewards included a lot of fun, several astronomical activities and classes,
and of course , 5 gold medals, along with a bronze medal and one special nomination for the team of students from Uruguay, quite a remarkable achievent for the group of students from Uruguay.
In late 2011 I became Secretary of the Uruguayan Astronomical Society. I enjoy outreach activities, like talking to the public about the wonders of the universe and doing some other things, such as playing music, photography, observation of nature, and so on. In 'Because there are other things in life besides work' you will find more about that. Listed below are the courses that I 'am taking care of and the ones that I was supervising before

  • Astronomy 2201B. Celestial mechanics; dynamics of the Earth;
    the Earth-Moon System; planets, including atmospheres and interiors; satellites; comets;
    meteors; the interplanetary medium; origin and evolution of the solar system.
  • Firts Year Physics Lab.
  • Fundamental Astronomy and Geodesics - 4th semester
  • Planetology and Solar Physics  -5th semester
  • Planetary Geology  -4th semester
  • Physics Laboratory I for Biochemistry  - 1st semester
  • Physics Course II por Biosciences Students  -2nd semester

  • Curriculum Vitae
    Below there is a link from where you can take a look at my Curriculum Vitae in an embedded browser or dowload it as a PDF file
  flex  PDF file file

 This site is currently under construction, it will be complete very soon,  I apologize for any inconvenient.

''Perhaps the most widespread evil is the Western view of man and nature.
Among us, it is widely believed that man is apart from nature, superior to it;
indeed, evolution is a process to create man and seat him on the apex of the
cosmic pinnacle. He views the earth as a treasury that he can plunder at will.
And, indeed, the behavior of Western people, notably since the advent of the
Industrial Revolution, gives incontrovertible evidence to support this assertion.''
Ian McHarg, 1971

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