Prof. Masoller’s research line on nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers

Semiconductor lasers are important practical devices, widely used in datacom, telecom, biomedical applications (imaging, sensors), etc. While “solitary” lasers emit a stable output, under external perturbations semiconductor lasers display a rich variety of nonlinear behaviors. The aim of the experimental and numerical work done in our lab is to advance the understanding of nonlinear phenomena induced by optical feedback and current modulation.



Top: Semiconductor Laser lab (you can find a video of the lab here).

Bottom: Time series of the laser intensity displaying feedback-induced spikes (you can find here a video of the intensity dynamics when the pump current is increased) and speckle image recorded at the output of a multimode optical fiber.



Recent publications


Dynamics of a semiconductor laser with feedback and modulation: experiments and model comparison

J. Tiana-Alsina, C. Masoller

Optics Express 30, 9441 (2022).


Time crystal dynamics in a weakly modulated stochastic time delayed system

J. Tiana-Alsina, C. Masoller

Scientific Reports 12, 4914 (2022).


Locking phenomena in semiconductor lasers near threshold with optical feedback and sinusoidal current modulation

Jordi Tiana-Alsina and Cristina Masoller

Appl. Sci. 11, 7871 (2021).


Remote recovery of audio signals from videos of optical speckle patterns: a comparative study of signal recovery algorithms

C. Barcellona, D. Halpaap, P. Amil, A. Buscarino, L. Fortuna, J. Tiana, C. Masoller

Optics Express 28, 8716 (2020).


Machine learning algorithms for predicting the amplitude of chaotic laser pulses

P. Amil, M. C. Soriano, and C. Masoller

Chaos 29, 113111 (2019). Arxiv: 1911.04815.


Comparing the dynamics of periodically forced lasers and neurons

J. Tiana-Alsina, C. Quintero-Quiroz, C. Masoller

New J. of Phys 21, 103039 (2019).





ICREA ACADEMIA, Catalan Government (2021-2025)


Agencia Estatal de Investigacion, Spain (PID2021-123994NB-C21, 2022-2024)


Marie-Curie ITN BEOPTICAL, European Commission (H2020-675512, 2015-2019)






In 2016 C. Masoller was elected Fellow of OSA (presently OPTICA) “For contributions in the area of nonlinear dynamics of optical systems”.



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