Media attention -- Cristina Masoller, Associate Professor @ Physics Department


June 2018


Our paper on Quantifying changes in spatial patterns of surface air temperature dynamics over several decades. published in Earth Systems Dynamics was featured in La Vanguardia, El Periodico, Antena3



February 2018


Video interview (in spanish) about my research in complex systems and climate, done by Fundacion Sicomoro.



December 2017


The BEOPTICAL project was featured in the Spanish national newspaper La Vanguardia.


September 2017


BEOPTICAL was featured in the EU Research and Innovation blog


February 2017


Our paper on Quantification of networks structural dissimilarities published in Nature Communications was featured in:


UPC English press release: Catalan scientists develop new high-precision method for analysing and comparing functioning and structure of complex networks


UYPRESS Columna de Ciencia y Tecnologia


Printed version “Diario de Girona


Printed versión “Diario de Terrassa”




This figure shows three small networks that have the same number of nodes and links, but whose connectivity is very different. The method of comparison of networks that we propose in the paper detects the fact that the first network is fully connected, the second partially disconnected, and the third is formed by three groups disconnected from each other.

Schematic representation of the distance between large complex networks (genetic, social, energy distribution, etc.).


November 2016


BE-OPTICAL project was featured in national and local newspapers


Printed version in El Pais: Fotones por la salud


Printed version in La Mañana (Leida)


Printed version in Diari del Valles


La Vanguardia


El Periodico,


Diario de Terrassa


November 2016


Our paper on Unravelling the community structure of the climate system by using lags and symbolic time-series analysis published in Scientific Reports was featured in “Puntos de Interes” of the Revista de Fisica of Real Sociedad Española de Fisica

Identificando similitudes climaticas


Comunidades climaticas identificadas mediante el analisis de patrones simbolicos


November 2015


LINC project was featured in the Diario de Terrassa




Our article on Desastres naturals, multifractals i xarxes climàtiques: tres exemples de complexitat a geociència was published in the Revista de la Sociedad Catalana de Fisica, focus issue on complexitat.

Representació gràfica de la xarxa clima de la Terra, on el codi de color indica el grau de connectivitat.


Optical Neurons: Our article in Scientific Reports (2014) was featured in the printed edition of Terrassa newspaper (September 2014) and in the digital edition of Investigacion y Ciencia. The first author, Andres Aragoneses, was interviewed by TV Terrassa.

Other videos:

Our article in Scientific Reports (2013) was featured in the printed edition of Terrassa newspaper (June and July 2013) and in the digital edition of the national newspaper El Periodico. The first author, Andres Aragoneses, was interviewed by the radio and TV Terrassa.




C. Masoller, M. C. Torrent, A. Aragoneses and T. Sorrentino, in the lab.



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