Research team

Professor: Dr. Cristina Masoller

Postdoctoral researcher: Dr. Carlos Quintero-Quiroz

PhD students

Donatus Halpaap (incoherent light sources for retina imaging, scholarship funded by ITN BE-OPTICAL)

Pablo Amil (novel tools for image analysis, scholarship funded by ITN BE-OPTICAL)

Visiting students

PhD: Concetta Barcellona (Universita degli Studi de Catania, Spring 2019)

Undergrad: Qiao Wenzuo (Beijing Institute of Technology, Spring 2019)


Former PhD students, postdocs and visitors

Dario Zappala (Hilbert analysis of air temperature dynamics, 2019)

Carlos Quintero-Quiroz (Temporal correlations and dynamical transitions in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback, 2017)

Ignacio Deza (Climate networks constructed by using information-theoretic measures and ordinal time-series analysis, 2015)

Giulio Tirabassi (Disentangling climate interactions and inferring tipping points by using complex networks, 2015)

Taciano Sorrentino (Experimental and numerical study of the symbolic dynamics of modulated semiconductor lasers with optical feedback, 2015)

Andres Aragoneses (Experimental study of feedback-induced dynamics in semiconductor lasers: from symbolic analysis to subwavelength position sensing, 2014)

Sandro Perrone (Exploiting nonlinearity and noise in optical tweezers and semiconductor lasers: from resonant damping to stochastic logic gates and extreme pulses, 2014)

Jordi Zamora-Munt (Nonlinear and stochastic dynamics of semiconductor lasers: modulation, transient dynamics and synchronization, 2011)



Cristian Bonatto (2011), Jose Ma. Aparicio Reinoso (2015), Laura Carpi (2015).



Fabian Reyes Manzano (Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria en Ingeniería y Tecnologías Avanzadas, México, Spring 2018)

Tian Jin and Chen Siyu (Beijing Institute of Technology, Spring 2017)

Mattia Panozzo (University of Padova, Italy, Spring 2017)


Photos PhD theses

Dario Zappala (2019), Carlos Quintero-Quiroz (2017), Giulio Tirabassi (2015), Taciano Sorrentino (2015), Andres Aragoneses (2014), Sandro Perrone (2014) foto_thesis_sandro_febrero_2014 

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