Cristina Masollerís research: PEOPLE INVOLVED

I am a member of the research group on Dynamics, Nonlinear Optics and Lasers (DONLL), headed by Prof. Ramon Vilaseca.

Pictures of some recent DONLL activities: workshop organized in honor of Carme Torrentís 65 anniversary (November 2016); ski trip (February 2017); calcotada (march 2017).


Ongoing PhD students

Dario Zappala (climate time series analysis, scholarship funded by AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya)

Maria Masoliver (neuronal excitability, scholarship funded by project ICREA ACADEMIA)

Donatus Halpaap (incoherent light sources for retina image, scholarship funded by project BE-OPTICAL)

Pablo Amil (novel tools for the analysis of ocular images, scholarship funded by project BE-OPTICAL)

Visiting undergrad students (spring 2017)

Tian Jin and Chen Siyu from Beijing University, China; Mattia Panozzo from University of Padova, Italy

Former PhD students

Jordi Zamora-Munt, Sandro Perrone, Andres Aragoneses, Ignacio Deza, Giulio Tirabassi, Taciano Sorrentino and Carlos Quintero

Former postdocs

Cristian Bonatto, Laura Carpi, Jose Ma. Aparicio Reinoso

PhD theses: Andres Aragoneses (2014), Taciano Sorrentino (2015), Sandro Perrone (2014) & Giulio Tirabassi (2015)

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